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Our Team

Jeremy Morphis, Owner

Jeremy is a dedicated husband and father and has served the community as a fireman as well.  Jeremy believes strongly in taking care of the customer first because when you show you care for people you don't have to chase hail storms.  Our business is about people not claims.

Rob Vaughan, Owner and Director of Marketing

Rob is Jeremy's partner and is the creative brain on the business development side of things.  Rob also owns and operates a real estate brokerage so when you replace that roof he can sell everything underneath it too! Rob and his family are also involved in the ministry and serve their church through teaching.  His philosophy of business is built on Proverbs 22:1

Ask about our Realtor Program

At Roofing Reformation we believe in mutually beneficial partnerships for the good of our clients.  Working with people you can trust can save you a lot of headaches.  If you are a realtor in the DFW area, find out how you can partner with us and we can help you grow your business.  Email